elemental art

elemental art - based on the periodic table of elements, is a public art project by coolum high school p&c and community.


chemistry is what happens when we breathe, when we touch, when we react, and even our behaviour with others is chemistry at some greater level.

elemental art exhibition opened september 2016 at the coolArt laneway.

118 elements as artworks 28cmx 28cm, were created by community.

54 by coolum high students and staff , 11 by coolum primary students, 5 by peregian spring primary students and staff, 6 by other students, 9 by ex students, staff or parents and 33 by community + other artworks - portrait of mendeleev - angela & rob, immersed - kassy and coolumium - john tall.

elemental art is now on permanent display at coolum high.