public art - boardwalk

the boardwalk is a very successful community project with a committee, that from the outset, were strongly in favour of art and design, initially insisting on an architect for the design and then successfully winning funds for public art to be included in this fantastic public space.

specific boardwalk art

Words & Panels - 16 - along the length of the Boardwalk

Design construct install Sept. 2004
Campfire Group

Community Art Project

Ocean Panels - 4 - along boardwalk - opposite Clubb Coolum to Beach Retreat
Design construct install February 2006
Artist, Construct & Install Richard Newport
Stainless SteelĀ  3mm laser cut & etched
Maintenance - regular clean & polish

Boardwalk Mirror
Design construct install Dec 2005
Artist Kim Gutherie
Construct install John Fuller
Maintenance - regular clean & polish
Mirror panel -1912 x 805 x 1.0 mm 316 Stainless steel sheet [replaceable].
Latest replacement - Feb 2017

Bird Panels - 3 - Pavilion ceiling Pt. Perry
Artist Nicole Voevodin-Cash
Design construct install February 2007
Aluminium sheet powder coated silver
re-powder coated March 2009